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Maternity / April 24, 2021

Congratulations on your new coming angel! It’s so amazing to watch your little one growing in your tummy and create the beautiful curve bit by bit. With this magical journey starts, maternity photos are an important part of documenting and will be cherished for a lifetime.

We recommend your maternity portrait session take place around 30 weeks (between 28-36 weeks). Give us a call before the end of your second trimester to book! This depends solely on your preference for the size of your bump and your availability. We recommend holding your session once your bump is showing enough to photograph but before you begin to feel uncomfortable or possibly start to have swelling in your face, hands and/or feet. We want you to feel comfortable, beautiful and make these portraits a time you enjoy looking back on for years to come.

We have some gorgeous maternity gowns available for you to use.

We offer indoor portraits in our studio, as well as outdoor portraits at a location of your choice. We can also do a mix of both studio and outdoor! For outdoor portraits, two hours before sunset is typically the best time, as the sun casts warm glowing light and it beautifully enhances your portraits!

Prior to the session my expectant mamas will come in by appointment to look through and try on gowns from my maternity wardrobe. We have beautiful maternity wardrobe which is available for use to all expecting mamas. I encourage the use of at least one gown. There are so many colors and styles to choose from. Gowns chosen will accentuate the pregnant body, showing off that gorgeous baby bump.

When it comes to the session, I love capturing the love between my clients. To capture the joy and excitement they feel for one another and for the baby mom is growing in her belly. The images captured are meant to be treasured. Ones to be kept and looked back on for many years to come. They are meant to show your new baby what he or she looked like when they were growing in your belly, trust me they will ask! During the session, I will help you pose, help with hand placement and so on, but then I let you be. This is when the true feelings emerge and I capture the best images.

Throughout the session I encourage my clients to think about baby and how their life is going to change. I ask them to think about holding baby for the first time, to think about what he or she will look like. Imagining these things provoke the emotions which are simply amazing. With each click of my shutter my goal is to capture their connection and love.
Below are some Q&A regarding Maternity Photoshoot

When is the best time to have a maternity photography shoot?
We recommend having your perfect maternity images taken around 32 – 36 weeks.

How long is a maternity photography session?
The session is approximately 2 – 3 hrs and includes 2-3 set ups of your choice depending upon the package you will choose.

Where will the pregnancy photography take place?
It would be my home studio for indoor & nearby gardens for outdoor locations

What is included in a maternity photoshoot session?
The Studio offers a range of gowns, clothing, and flower crowns to create a beautiful unique look for yourself. You are also invited to bring your own clothing if you have something specific in mind.

Maternity sessions are usually relaxed and calming, a beautiful way to welcome the new baby into your life. Having your hair and make-up done professionally is a great way to feel glamorous. It is truly a pamper day (even with swollen feet).

Once you have booked your pregnancy photography session, we will send you a list of items we need you to bring such as underwear styles and colours.

When do I get to see my pregnancy photographs?
Approximately 1-2 weeks after your shoot