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About Me

I am Sampada!

Hi, I am Sampada. First and foremost, I am a mother to 2 wonderful children who have stolen my heart and call me MOM about a million times a day & wife to my best friend.. They keep me on my toes, mostly running up and down the halls to clean their teddys & toys, but none the less, my days would be boring without them. So in case you were worried at all, I have PLENTY of experience with kids to say the least!.

Photography was never something I saw as a possible career for myself although always interested in playing around with images, but God had other plans. I graduated in Science, started my career in Automobile industry & then moved onto Aviation Sector. All through out, in my corporate life one thing which was similar or common is Service Industry & Customers. Customer Satisfaction & Customer Service became my DNA by now being in it in some way or other. Being a mother was a strong desire & break in my professional life & that was the start of this little dream. Since opening my business in 2019, I have pursued this with my whole heart and I hope that shows in my work. I have since been able to photograph well over couple of beautiful new-borns, Kids, To-Be Moms and their endless & countless memories. So many of them I call friends and family now and for that I am so very thankful.

To sum it up, For me it’s all about capturing the beauty of life, from your pregnancy and special moments with your Newborn, to every precious year of life with your kids. Enjoy the experience of a professional photo-shoot with your loved ones and keep the memories to cherish forever.

I have taken the time to get specialist training from top New-born Photographers & attended world class events which make helps me in becoming an multi-international award winning baby & new-born photographer. Whether it is a maternity session or your new-borns first days, your baby’s first smile, your toddlers silly ways or a portrait of your entire family… each and every photograph tells a story, that photograph will never age and it is something you will have to look back on and to cherish forever. I would love to have the opportunity to capture your memories; to me nothing is more fulfilling than capturing a moment, an expression or an emotion that is at the core of a relationship. I love documenting those special moments. I simply love what I do.

Thanks for stopping by & for your interest in my work and I hope to one day touch your heart with images of your beautiful children and family. I would be honoured if you would allow me to capture your story !

Lots of Love,


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